Give Out VIN Number of car on Craigslist

Give Out VIN on Craigslist?

My friend asked me today that is it safe to give out VIN number on craigslist. So, I’m answers him after a lot of research this may help you too. Have you listed your old car on craigslist and buyers want to know VIN number of your car? If my guess is true then you have to stay connected to this article. I will briefly explain the pros and cons of sharing your Vehicles VIN. Also, I will share with you some other useful information regarding VIN.

VIN Stands for (Vehicle Identification Number). It’s a unique number assigned to every car by its manufacturer. This number is also known as Chases Number of cars. The number is used to identify any specific vehicle with region and different manufacturers use different format of chases number.

Is It Safe to Give Out VIN Number on Craigslist?

If you really want to sell your vehicle you should do that. VIN is not any sensitive information. If someone is willing to buy your vehicle, he/she has the right to verify the details of your vehicle. You should give out vin number on craigslist. This act will help buyer a confident approach. As they will verify all the details of your car, motor etc. The information they can get through VIN is no more then a number plate on front and back of your vehicle. But some details are not available with simple number plate numbers of car. That’s why people ask for VIN Number. Its 100% risk free even beneficial for a deal to share your Vehicles VIN Number. There is no any reason not to give out VIN number. If you have any doubt or information you can tell us on comment section.

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What can someone do with your vin number

Your VIN only can be used to fetch the details of your vehicle. The information including Make of the car, Model number, Manufacture year, First owner of the car and current owner of the vehicle. There are several sites that provide the opportunity to check VIN number and get the needy details. A buyer can check all the above-mentioned details about your car by using this No. Sharing VIN can help reduce the chances of any misunderstanding and misleading issues. If you are a buyer and seller is not giving you VIN you should be carful as something is fishy there. Why would you give it to the VIN number is a different question? The ratio of buy and sell of used cars are higher then new in United States.


The VIN Number of your car is not something very confidential or something that can help any person stole something from you. If you want to make a deal you should share VIN Number on Craigslist. If you deny to share the number, buyer will feelin uncomfortable dealing with you. He/ she may refuse your offer even the offer sounds good. The buyer will start thinking immoral about you and you vehicle too.

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