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motherboard screws

Motherboard Screws are not different than normal ones. you can use a (Universal Screws) normal screw of M3 dimensions 5MM length having a Philips head. As I have installed hundreds of Motherboards and tried different normal screws to tighten the board. During this time I never found any fault on motherboards due to screws. However, fitting it tightly is the secret in that case. Be sure that over-tightening can cause hardware damage to the system. Other things you should be careful about are the dimensions of screws. if the length of it is more than 5mm you should avoid using it because it can damage your system.

How To Properly Install motherboard screws

The proper installation of the motherboard screw is simple and easy. you just have to focus on a few things. Here are few steps you can take to install your computer’s motherboard screws. (Make sure that this guide is about screw installation and a lot of things are still missing here about motherboard installation.)

  • Place motherboard on panel shield make sure that you have placed it in the right direction
  • Now apply pressure on all four sides of the board so that it will fit itself in the right place.
  • Find the proper standoffs you can use normal standoffs to install the motherboard.
  • In this step, you have to fix the holes of the panel shield with the holes of the motherboard so that screw fitting will go smooth.
  • It’s time to install motherboard screws. you should do it in most of the holes if any remaining no issue.
  • After that, you have to connect components of Motherboard like fan, RAM, and other essentials of the board.
  • Next is the power supply’s number. You should properly connect the power supply.
  • Almost done, now you have to connect wires with an accurate points. This is a very crucial step.
  • Connect the front face with the motherboard and start your computer and tighten the screws of the body.
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Motherboard standoffs

Motherboard standoffs are important because if you don’t use them. the chances of damage to the motherboard increase to 90%. If your computer’s motherboard is not damaged it will not boot properly. So it’s important to use it while installing the motherboard. As it reacts like an insulator and doesn’t pass heat or electricity. it saves the motherboard from high voltage attacks. The removal of standoffs is not a child’s play you need a proper screwdriver to remove it and you may not be able to install it without a proper screw driver for that.

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