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G15xlt Lenses Ray Ban’s Sunglasses

The theory behind G15xlt Lenses is very simple. As G represents green color and 15 is the value of light that passes through the glasses. While, xlt means eXtra Luxury Truck. This product by Ray Ban’s got the name according the feature it has. G15xlt lenses are best option if you are going to a less sunny area. If you visit an area with a higher rate of sunny rays this product may not suit you. The good feature of this lens is it has the ability to block the 85% of rays coming from the sun. 

History of G 15 Lenses

This story is from the early 30s. US Air Force pilots were facing nausea and headaches due to intense amounts of glare. At that time ray ban was the most popular company of lenses. US Air Force officials sent a proposal to the company to overcome the glare issues. Ray bans then worked on and created G-15 and B-15 lenses according to the need of the air force. According to air force officials the G15xlt lense was the super duper product of the age and still has the greater market value. According to sources G15 was a limited product later on the product was commercialized and was available for public use. This product is still on demand. 

Material in G15xlt Lenses

The lens G 15 xlt is made up of laminating 2 different lenses. A polarization filter is fitted between these two lenses that has the ability to reduce glare on flat surfaces. XLT lenses are 14% lighter then the normal lenses used in glasses. This is a bonus point and that’s the reason people love the product G15xlt Lenses by raybans. Below I will mention a few properties of Ray ban G15 Lenses. Have a look.

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Properties of G15xlt Lenses

G-15 comes with some unique and great features that people love. The list of features and properties of this lense is long, however I’ll describe a few here that matters.

  • Only 15% glare can pass through this lense. That means it has the ability to stop 85% of light rays. 
  • This G15xlt is 14% lighter than the normal lenses.
  • A multipurpose lense that has the ability please you in different areas
  • Best option for less sunny areas that have light weight. 
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