why i Can't Comment on Facebook

Can’t Comment on Facebook Fixed

There are several issues related to can’t comment on Facebook. I will explain here few most common issues and I will try to guide you to overcome the issues. That may be helpful to you to fix the issue. Most common error is not actually an error but its restriction by Facebook authority. If you violate some Facebook commenting rules like posting nudes on comment section, abusing, terrorism and hate speech may result restriction of comment on Facebook. Even, more too many comments in a limited time can also make you trouble.

Can’t Comment on Facebook Solution

Before discussing solution to can’t comment on Facebook issue we should now the reason of this ban. Facebook has its own terms and condition and you have to follow the terms they have created. Somehow, if you brake the rules of Facebook. There are some punishments already defined by FB authorities. If someone report your comment to the regularity authority. After verification you may be punished according to Facebook rules. If you try to post hate speech or abuse somebody on comment section, you may charged ban commenting feature for few days. Recall your memory and think if you have violated some community and common man happiness laws.

According to Facebook officials: No one have right to tease anyone by using that platform. So, the solution of this is to wait. Yes mostly Facebook band for 24 or 48 hours. After that time frame everything will be alright and you will be able to comment again. If you have violated Facebook commenting terms more then one time; you may face a longer period of time. if too many comment attempts in short time is the violation. Then, the unban period may be a month or 40 days. sometimes, this time period reaches more then two months.

Cant comment of Friends Facebook ID

Well, In that case you have to check the post by reloading. if post have been deleted you may still be able to see post but you will not be able to comment or like the post. You can only take screenshot of the post but can’t share and comment on it. Till now Facebook didn’t launched any option to restrict any single person to comment. One can disable comment section easily but for a single person its not possible. If post is still visible then the issues may be related to your device and ID. Facebook blocked a lot of mobile sets to run Facebook app like Nakia Lumia windows 5 and 6. Another possibility is if your friend post something on a private group and you are not part of it. you may be unable to comment on that.

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can’t comment on Facebook group?

This is purely a privacy setting issue. If you are trying to share and comment on Facebook group post without being member you may not be succeed. In some cases group admin allow watch group posts other then group member but they restrict the comment like and share option. Well, in this case you have the only option is to become member of that group in order to comment. If you are group admin and want non participants away you can set can’t comment on Facebook group option through group privacy settings.

Other FB restriction and solutions

The list of issues related to comment disable is very long but the solution to these issues are common. Most common fix is to wait. Wait till the solution. If you are willing to comment of a group post. First you have to request to admin of the group to join the group after that you will be able to comment. If you are willing to comment of a Facebook friends post and unable to comment there should check the post by visiting his/her profile. Your friend may removed the post already.

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